Token - High Heels feat. Rico Nasty (Official Music Video)

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Official video for 'High Heels' by Token & Rico Nasty off of Token's upcoming album 'Pink is Better'

Prod. by: Mathias Styner, Nox Beatz
Cover art by Nicole Ham
Directed by Ben Proulx x Token

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‘High Heels’ lyrics:

Ay, new whip full garage, so I don’t know where to put it
Used to ride the bike to school, look how far I took it
Invite her in the whip and tell her buckle up and push it
High heels so long she can’t even fit her foot in
I show the homies they can do the shit they thought they couldn’t
She said she got a show for me, I said how can I book it?
Invite her in the whip and tell her buckle up and push it
High heels so long she can’t even fit her foot in

Get her at her crib but I ain’t going in the shit
I don’t commit but I’m the only one she co-dependent with
I only drink if under pressure from the life I’m told to live
My momma love me, when I’m outta town I let her hold the whip
Told the homie right before I wife it Ima fly her out to Hollywood to make sure she don’t like it
No I don’t belong in Cali, just turns out I was invited
I’ll be heading back to Boston just to rock my Stony Island when its brick out
Studio sessions, stressin’, so many flows don’t know what to pick out
I was under 21 getting in the club, didn’t want to stick out
Used to live in a traffic zone, was scared every time I inch out
Now I’m in the back of the culdesac get a neighbor mad when I pulled the whip out

Started off bubblegum, now I make their faces numb
Started off looking down now I’m the one they’re looking up
I chase the money, face it - these bitches really some bums
Full face on, lace on fleek, my nails done to the T
Copy my energy, that shit be sending me
Limited edition everything, I’m living luxury
First to do a lot of shit, ew they tried to comfort me
Used to be broke and shit, now I’m living comfortably
Tell me whatchu want lil bitch, whatchu want?
I got a $100k, use to be a chopper in my trunk
I might bust her head off how much engine revvin’ up
We don’t take no days off, every day we run it up, bitch
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