Lake Street Dive - Nobody's Stopping You Now [Official Music Video]

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"Nobody's Stopping You Now" from the new Lake Street Dive album Obviously
Out March 12th on Nonesuch Records
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Directed and animated by Gaia Alari (

Produced by Mike Elizondo
Rachael Price: vocals
Mike “McDuck” Olson: guitar
Bridget Kearney: bass, background vocals
Mike Calabrese: drums, percussion, vocals
Akie Bermiss: piano, vocals
String Section: Alan Umstead, Mary Kathryn Vanosdale, Jung-min Shin, Bruce Christensen, Catherine Umstead, Anthony LaMarchina
Arranged by David Campbell


Lay down girl
The summer's coming on
Take off your make up and take off your shoes
Trade in a dress for something over sized
And let your mind go wherever you choose

Don't try to be a woman anymore
Nobody's taught you how
Skin your knees and throw punches in the air
Nobody's stopping you now
It’s okay to step away from the crowd
Nobody’s stopping you now

You're on the cusp of an obsession
Time is not on your side
All winter slaving for perfection
But somehow you’re never satisfied

That hunger will last you for a lifetime
Until you learn how to set it down
Sip the nectar from the honeysuckle bush
Nobody’s stopping you now
It’s okay to let the real you out
Nobody’s stopping you now

Lay down girl and rest your weary head
I know you’ll make it through somehow
Dip your toes down deep into the river bed
Nobody’s stopping you now
It’s okay to say it right out loud
Nobody’s stopping you now

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