Apocalyptica - Rise (Official Video)

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Rise is the second single of Apocalyptica's upcoming album Cell-0, coming out on January 10th.
Pre-order Cell-0 now: https://apocalypticacell-0.com

Achingly beautiful, Rise enacts the humanity that we all share and the power and gravity of one-on-one interactions. Rise evokes and raises a very important series of emotions and observations; where are we, as human beings, heading towards. We want to raise awareness and make everybody uncomfortable, we want people to take notice, to stop and think.
"“The idea was to make a video that was whimsical and captivating, that would transport the viewer into an alternate dimension that mirrors our society and today's importance of compassion and empathy. Characters in this world fall and rise again, and ultimately come together to help each other rise.” - Lisa Mann, video director

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